Series: 4 x 30
Broadcasters: CBC; Arte/ZDF; ARTV
Distributor: Primitive Entertainment

Project Info:

Every writer needs a sense of home. I think it is important to have the past in your life, to see where things come from.

Michael Winter, Author

Writing The Land is a celebration of Canada and its literature, presenting the country in all its eye-popping, mind-boggling glory.

Each episode features Canadian writers from different backgrounds representing the great diversity of contemporary literature in Canada today. Together they enable the audience to gain a comprehensive and profound insight into Canadian literature: How did we get here and where are we going?

Shot over the course of four seasons, the viewer gets to experience every single one of Canada’s highly diverse times of year, offering a gorgeous tableaux of different textures, colors and emotions as incredibly varied as the writing the country has to offer.

Writing The Land is an unforgettable visual experience of discovery.