Feature Documentary
Broadcaster: TVO
Distributor: Primitive Entertainment
Vancouver Inernational Film Festival, 2021

Project Info:

I don’t know how other people spend their time, but I spend a lot of mine thinking about buying records.

Alan Zweig, Director

Records is a film about music. It’s not about a particular band or artist or a genre of music. It’s about the power of music and the people who live for it.

These folks - call them collectors, obsessives, or geeks - use music as a drug, as inspiration, as a connection to the world, as a way to get in touch with their emotions, or as a way to modify their emotions.

Often referred to as a “national treasure”, Alan Zweig is one of Canada’s best-loved filmmakers and perhaps the country’s best interviewer. Alan made an indelible mark with his first documentary, Vinyl, a portrait of compulsive record collectors that quickly became a cult classic.

Twenty-one years later, Zweig returns to the topic of compulsive record collecting with newfound introspection and a sunnier disposition.