By early 2004, with the dire situation in Iraq and the American election looming, it was reported that the Daily Show with Jon Stewart had become the most important source of news – or fake news – for America’s college-aged youth.

Apparently it’s the show’s practice to have Mr. Stewart come out and answer questions from the live studio audience before the actual taping begins. And occasionally Mr. Stewart is so amused by one of the questions that he repeats it later, on the air.

And so it was that in April 2004, Mr. Stewart began his show by repeating this burning question from one of his eager young fans in the studio audience.

Do chicks really like assholes?

Mr. Stewart seemed bemused by the question or even disappointed. Perhaps he expected a question about Bob Woodward’s new book about the war in Iraq, which had just come out that week. But instead someone wanted to know about getting laid.

The subject of my relationship with women was certainly broached in my first “autobiographical documentary” VINYL. It’s a little deeper in the background of my second one, I Curmudgeon. And I’m not sure why I think in terms of trilogies - “The Mirror Trilogy” in this case - but I feel like I have to make one more personal film and that this one should be about women and the challenges to finding love.

In each of my previous two autobiographical documentaries, I’ve gone out into the world to essentially compare my experiences with those of others and see what I can learn from them. But that’s never been more true than in the case of this film. I have lots of experiences, lots of stories. I’ve talked about these things a lot. And yet there’s no subject where I’m more aware that I know nothing.

Feature Documentary | TVO; Showcase | 2006