There may be no human trait more widely valued than intelligence. Yet questions about what comprises intelligence and of how to measure it have dogged educators, employers and governments throughout this century.

There may be no human trait more widely valued than intelligence.

Even today, the intelligence of children is commonly tested in schools - though we have no agreement on what a fair test would be, nor how the results should be used. Moreover, as computers become ubiquitous, they too are raising questions: Can machines be intelligent? And, if they can, will theirs be a superior intelligence?

These questions - and the way they connect - will become ever more important as we travel further into the Information Age. In a society where information generates wealth, intelligence is becoming the primary -- and potentially the only -- currency of power. Shot in locations ranging from hospitals to military installations, Intelligence looks at what the term means to us by weaving the perspectives of people as different as school children, neurologists, philosophers and spies. Binding it all together is a retelling of the Emperor’s New Clothes which puts the aspirations of a wired world in a new - and comic - light.

Feature Documentary | TVO | 1998


  • Honourable Mention - Columbus International Film and Video Festival, 1998